Monday, May 6, 2013

March 18, 2013

Hey Ya’ll,

Well, to be honest this week was a little rough. But that’s OK. The work is really slow right now and I have been doing a lot of praying and studying on what we can do differently. I got the stomach flu, it’s going around town at the moment but I am better now.

At baptism we make solemn covenants with God that we will:
  • Keep the commandments of God
  • Always remember Jesus Christ
  • Take the holy name of Jesus Christ upon ourselves
When we do this we are set apart from the word and we have a sacred obligation to bear the name of Christ and share the Gospel. We know we must be a light unto the world; that we must be an example to the unbelievers, we must be an example of a disciple of Christ to our friends, family and people we come in contact with. This is vitally important and is a big responsibility, and God will bless you for your efforts. We must open our mouths.  In Doctrine and Covenants 33, the Lord promises that if we open our mouth, He will fill it. We need not be worried of what to say or what the reaction will be. All we need to do is-- Act.

Things we can do to act are:
·         Pray for missionary opportunities. Have faith and be prepared to share your testimony
·         Fast for missionary work to happen
·         Give someone a Book of Mormon, or direct them to
·         Invite them into your home where they can learn about the Restored Gospel from the missionaries

The work moves best when we can help the members do their missionary work and we simply teach. It is the duty of every member to be a missionary. So please, we need your help, and the Lord needs your help. Do all you can to become that true disciple of Christ.

Elder Gomm

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