Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

Howdy ya’ll!

Well another week gone bye. This last week was a roller coaster; lots of ups and downs.

Many of people who have been investigating the church have been avoiding us or getting new jobs so we can never see them. Oh well, on the up side of the week, we have seen a lot of less active members and we had a few come back to church so that was pretty cool.

This week I just have been really happy, I mean just full of joy, almost to where I want to shout Merry Christmas or something! It’s just nice to have the Holy Ghost with you and it makes me happy even when times get rough.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty fun. Saturday we tried a new street contacting idea using genealogy that Elder Call and I got out of Preach My Gospel. We go around and ask people what they know about their genealogy and ask where they came from. We were doing this on Main Street near the courthouse. Main Street kind of reminds me of Placerville
The courthouse reminds me a little of the courthouse in the movie Back to the Future

Later that day we helped the bishop move a less active member’s trailer. That turned out to be pretty interesting. We went out into the countryside; there are some real hillbillies out there, good backwoods folks (they even call themselves hillbillies). Well, we got the trailer all hooked up to bishop’s huge Ford pickup named "Ed" and we were trying to get it pulled out of a little space. After many attempts we were stuck! Suddenly a guy walks over and says, "Hey that looks pretty tight." I said, “Yeah it is.” and he said "Wooohoooo!!! That’s how it should be, let me giv'er a whirl!” This guys name was Mike and he talked and acted exactly like Gomer Pyle and Ernest T. Bass combined. He owns a garage in his barn so he knows trucks. This guy was a true redneck (and proud of it). It was awesome!!! He pulled that trailer out of that spot like it was nothing, laughing and whooping the whole time like Ernest T. Bass. It was pretty amazing. I just loved every minute of it.

That’s pretty much it for this week.

Elder Gomm

PS: We now have sisters missionaries in this area with us. One has been out for 5 weeks that is how long my trainee has been out!!!!!!! The other a few days!!! So, the 5 week sister is training the new missionary. I get phone calls and questions on how to do things every once and a while because both are so new. I feel like I am in a way training 3 missionaries, but it’s FUN!

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