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April 22, 2013

Hey ya’ll!!!!

I have been exiled...... like John the revelator on the island of Patmos. Except I am in heaven here in the mountains!!!!! I say I am exiled because I am in the area that is the furthest away from the mission home. It took us 6 hours to get here a trip that had to be done in two days. There are no others missionaries around us just 2 sets of wonderful senior couples that are in our district. I kind of feel like I am in another world here in Blairsville, Georgia because everyone is so friendly in this small town surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. I don’t know if I can express how excited I am to be here!!!!

 There are so few members here that the congregation makes up a branch of about 30 people. That is so foreign to me, I guess, because I grew up in that huge Rescue Ward that had to get split because it went half way back into the cultural hall. They had to make up callings for the members. Well, here in our little happy branch, most of the members are above the age of 55 and half of them are new members of about 2 years. It is so awesome.

This is where our Branch meets

I have already been having marvelous adventures with my new companion Elder Gosselin. On my first day there was a huge thunderstorm with rain the size of large grapes. Yeah, I found out that rain can actually hurt when it hits you. Lightning and hail were showering down on us while we tried to teach a lesson. A tree was struck by lightening not more than a hundred feet from us. I was then driving home and found that there was a small river going across the road. They should have given us a Jeep rather than a white Corolla because I have already gone on some driveways that would be deemed as a 4 wheel drive trail in Moab!!! Let’s just say that I love it here!

The people are so wonderful here! Already we went tracking and found a few people who are so excited to get baptized!!!! They recognize us as Christ’s representatives and feel the Holy Ghost as we teach them. I don’t know if a mission could get any better!!! I am so grateful for our Heavenly Father and his wonderful mercy!!!! My joy is full!!!! 

Elder Gomm

County Courthouse in the center of town

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