Monday, March 4, 2013

February 11, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been quite exciting. Many of the people we are teaching are very “golden” in their search and it is amazing to watch the Spirit of the Lord change their hearts and minds. It is amazing to just watch it happen and see how merciful the Lord is to his children on the Earth. This week has been a little bit slower with finding new people to teach; I think God is teaching Elder Call and I some patience because at the moment no one is letting us in. But that’s ok because "we must endure well."

The absolute highlight of the week was when we got the opportunity to meet, and be instructed but an Apostle of God on Saturday, in Charlotte. What an amazing experience!!!

Elder Russel M. Nelson
We sat in the chapel silently studying and praying, after a glorious reunion with fellow missionaries and dear friends. In this reverent room with over 150 missionaries, we sat and waited to be in the presence of an Apostle, a special witness and minister of Jesus Christ. Suddenly we all stood, I glanced to my right and watched as an older gentleman walked down the isle and a powerful feeling entered in the room. We were directed to sit down and one-by-one got to meet Elder Russell M. Nelson.  Finally, it was my turn to shake his hand. He shook my hand and peered into my eyes and said...."Elder......Ggg...(Looking at my name tag) i finished it for him and he asked me where I was from…it was really, really neat. He thanked me for my service and I moved on to great my mission president. What an overwhelming feeling it was to look into an Apostles eyes and see the awesome power and purity in him. I sat down and he spoke to us. We learned so many things! He spoke many things to us, some of which are too sacred to write. We then got to do a question and answer session.  The Holy Ghost was so strong that it felt like I was in an oven because of the warmth in my heart from pure love that I was feeling. He then closed his remarks and we sang and prayed, and got back to work. What a terrific privilege that was!

Current 12 Apostles
I testify that Jesus Christ called twelve ordained men to run His church even authorized prophets, seers and revelators as in ancient times. I know that those men held the Power of God to serve mankind. But that power was lost when those authorized men died and truth was changed. But I testify with every fiber of my soul that God loves His children. He reached out in love and called another prophet in these last days. (Learn about the Great Apostasy & Restoration) I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that he called twelve men to be apostles. And because of that we still have apostles today. They lead and guide Christ's ONLY church. I have seen one, I shook his hand, I have learned from him, and I have felt that power of God radiate from his being. (Learn about the Current 12 Apostles) I testify that as the Lord lives....that Elder Russell M. Nelson is an Apostle and a special witness of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Christ! This is the testimony that is in me and I pray that in the name of Christ, that the Spirit of God will carry this truth through my words to you that you too can know it. Amen.

Elder Christopher M. Gomm

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