Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters and Friends,

Wow this week has been nuts!!!!!

Some really big news . . . I am STAYING in this area! I will be training a new missionary!!!!!! Crazy, right?! But it gets crazier. So, right now Lincolnton is divided into two areas with two sets of missionaries. But that will be changing. Elder Lolofie and Youngstrum are being transferred out. For one transfer (6 weeks) there will only be one set of missionaries, then they will move Sister Missionaries in as the second set. So for now I am in charge of two areas!!!!!! I was a little stressed out the night I found out that I would be working two areas and training a new missionary. I was shocked that the Lord would trust me with such a great responsibility. I am working hard to live up to it but I will need lots of prayers and help from y’all.

Other than that this week has been crazy in and of itself. We had an ice storm a few days ago. One of the elders had an allergic reaction to the flu shot so we took him to the hospital. His companion had to go to the doctor’s office in Shelby, and so we went on a temporary exchange. I went to the doctor with the one elder and my companion stayed at the hospital with the other elder. I’m pretty good friends with that temporary companion so we had fun on the way to the doctor’s office. However, that was the day of the big ice storm. It would rain and then freeze to the ground, car and everything! The windshield kept freezing over! We finally got back to the apartment only to get frozen in. Imagine snowed in only with ice. It was a crazy day.

All in all I really love it here in Lincolnton. I would love to labor here all of my days. I am becoming a true Southern backwoodsman. My grammar and vocabulary is diminishing and I have a slight drawl. I think big trucks and camo is kind of cool. This has been a pretty fun transfer. I have made some life long friendships with the other Elders.

The work is starting to pick up here. A few families are becoming interested in the gospel. I have been asking the Lord to bless Lincolnton with His spirit and prepare the hearts of the people here. I testify that the Lord does answer our prayers!! 

Wow, send a shout out to all my friends that are going on missions!!!! Write me!!!

Love y’all!!
Elder Gomm

I have been working really hard! I wore out my shoes in only 6 months.

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