Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

Hello One and All,

This week was fantastic!!!!!!  First off, Conference was amazing!!!!  For a missionary it is like Disneyland or a midnight showing of the coolest movie in history!!!  I loved Priesthood Session and especially the talks from the First Presidency.  Being spiritually in tune as a missionary made that the whole time my chest was burning, and it felt like electricity was surrounding me!!!!  This was an exceptional conference to hear from the Prophet and the Apostles!!  Wow!!!

So spiritual story of the week!  We invited one of our investigators, who is just fantastic and whose heart has truly been prepared by the Lord, to conference.  He came to the Saturday Morning Session at our chapel.  He sat down just as the Prophet stood up to give his historic announcement. I leaned over to him and whispered, "That’s the Prophet."  He pointed and said, "There's something about that man… I don’t know what it is… it’s like Jesus is speaking through him…" Tears began to run down his face. He was like a little kid, seeing the Prophet for the first time. As I turned and gazed into the eyes of President Monson, I too saw what he was seeing.  Thomas S. Monson really is a prophet, and yes Jesus speaks through him!  There really are prophets again on the earth today!!!  And we had the fantastic opportunity to hear his words.

Oh, and I met Elder Bowen, who spoke Saturday afternoon at our Mission Tour a few weeks ago.

Funny and cool stories of the week:
We taught a guy in a loin cloth. Yep. We are knocking on doors on this really weird street.  This man was wearing nothing but these shorts that were shredded up to the belt, and a loin cloth.  He was soaking up the sun, listening to Briana and drinking Cherry Dr. Pepper.  It was awesome!!!! We have been teaching him all week.

Our car is fantastic!!!! The president called me and gave me special driving privileges for a meeting that my companion would be going to and I would be staying in my area with the car.  I am the youngest missionary to ever have driving privileges in this mission.  (Oh yeah!)  It was great.  I made history.

Went to Goodwill for fun today, and I almost bought a teal suit jacket but decided not to.  We went down this one isle and people we franticly loading their carts up with shoes.  Fights were breaking out. My companion and I looked at each other, and looked back at this odd display before us, with bewilderment.  It was like Black Friday or something.  So we left.

Now a special note to you young men and women: SERVE A MISSION.  Young men, I would ask you when you should start preparing for a mission?  The answer is NOW!!!!!!!!!!  May I speak boldly to you as a missionary who represents the Lord and Savior.  You are needed!!!!!  The 2000 stripling warriors need the reinforcements!!!!  Prepare NOW!!!!!  All you young men, in the Green Valley Ward, PREPARE NOW!!!

Young Women: I expect you all to take the challenge and serve missions.  The time is now!  I was discussing this with the Elders in my district; all of them want to marry a spiritually prepared and mature young daughter of God.  I know of no better way that you can become converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, than by teaching faith, repentance, baptism by water and of the spirit, and enduring to the end.  Within my first 3 weeks, just at the MTC, I became converted.  I had my own Alma the Younger experience and I had a mighty change of heart.  I am not that Chris Gomm you all knew before I left to serve.  I predict that the Church will be strengthened because of the young women of this great church!  You will become better wives, mothers, daughters, and disciples as you go out to serve the Lord.  We NEED you!!!!  I exhort you, to ponder it in your hearts, and ask God the Eternal Father, in the name of Jesus Christ if you need to serve a mission.  The battle is waging with the adversary, I do not doubt, my mother knew it.  I am Elder Gomm.  I am a warrior.  I am a missionary.

With Love,
Elder Gomm

PS  I used up all my time.  I love you all!!  Happy Birthday Jess!!! Yes, I did get the coat, thanks.  Love you!!  Keep up the good work.

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