Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 24, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow what a crazy week!!!!!!   I am now in my second area!!!!!!! 

It is a country town with a town square and lots of churches! It is a lot different than my last area, but I love it!!!! 

It is a town a lot like Placerville and about that size. There are two sets of missionaries in this area.  This is really fun! One is Samoan and he and I are best buds.  He came out from the MTC with me and he is now training a new missionary.  The new missionary saw me at the gym in Rexburg, Idaho where he was a gymnast and I was always there at the rock climbing wall.

My new companion is pretty cool.  We don’t have anything in common but we get along great. Interesting how that works.

The work is really slow here at the moment and hopefully my new blood will help out.

Baptism Day for Vincent
The baptism last Saturday was amazing!!!  I was able to baptize Vincent in my last area before I moved. He and I stayed in the font for a few moments and we had one of the most spiritual experiences ever.  He said that he felt like things were just dripping off him and that he wanted to stay under water forever.  I watched as that wonderful saving ordinance, preformed by the priesthood took hold of him.  And then he started to tremble and I watched the joy fill his soul. When I felt the power and virtue as Christ talked about come out of me, it was a witness to me that I am a worthy conduit of the priesthood and the Spirit.  It was quite amazing. 

Please read the Christmas story with your families.  Remember the greatest gift that God gave us, His son.

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Elder Gomm

Thanks for your prayers, letters and packages.
If you would like my new address please email my Mom.

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