Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012

Hey Family and Friends,

Well, this week was good. The crazy stuff is over, but I was sick this last week, maybe it was all the stress and stuff. 
But that doesn't matter! Vincent IS getting baptized this weekend!!!!!!! On Saturday!!!!! I will send you pictures.

As far as transfers, I will most likely be staying here because my companion has completed his mission and will be going home and I know the area. I will find out Thursday and on Saturday it will be our P-day because transfers are on Monday this time.

That's really it; just a short note this week.

Happy Birthday Brayden!!!!!! And Happy Birthday Mom!!! I will be sending out some packages here soon!

I have a lot of letters to reply to. Thanks to y’all that have been sending letters out to me. It has gotten me through. I got Teresa's package and Mom’s packages. Thank You!!!!

The pictures are of us mountain biking last P-Day. We both got flats at the same spot so that’s why I was carrying my bike.

Love Elder Gomm

I will email y’all again on Saturday!!!!

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