Monday, November 12, 2012

November 5, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

I am NOT getting transferred. Elder Christensen, my trainer and good friend, will now be a Zone Leader and is being transferred. 
Elder Christensen and Me
I am now the senior companion, which doesn't happen that often right after a new missionary finishes training. I am staying in the same area, Winston-Salem.  My address is the same.  If you need my address just email my mom at

Superstorm Sandy did not hit us. It was cloudy and there was a strong breeze but that was it. I really have no idea what really happened but people say it was bad. My heart goes out to the storm victims.

Things have been going really rough for one of the people we are teaching. When people come closer to God, the devil does everything in his power to stop it and make life miserable for that person.  I have seen it happen so many times now!

Cool story of the week. I was at Church yesterday and during Sacrament meeting two people stood up to bear their testimony. The first was a blind man that we have brought back to church after being absent for 15 years. He bore his testimony of how the missionaries, Elder Christensen and I, spent 2 days with him in the hospital and gave him a blessing and healed him from and illness. He expressed his love for the Church and us and how he knows that this is the true church of Christ. The next person was an investigator who bore a simple testimony that he knows that what we have taught is true and that the Book of Mormon is a true book. Both of us were in tears as we watched them bear testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel.  They know that we are messengers from the Lord that helped to change their lives forever.

Halloween was interesting. We were the Chili Cook-Off Judges.  After 23 different chilies we wanted to throw up it was so nasty. Some members were just experimenting on us. There was chili in a tiny pot that we saved for last. We both took a spoonful of it and 5 seconds later I thought my mouth was bleeding. It was so hot!!!!! My tongue was about to fall off. Apparently there were 6 habanero chili peppers and some other hot peppers concentrated in a tiny bowl. It messed us up for a few days. We were CIA agents for Halloween. It was simple just add shades.

I hope the following will write me a letter: Hannah, Mickey, Maggie, Jake, Spencer P., Spencer H., Bryce H., and anyone else that is thinking about going on a mission. I have some tips for you on how I wish I had prepared.

Elder Gomm
A picture of the Winston-Salem Zone - October 2012

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