Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 19, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

This last week was a looooooong week. There is a lot of pressure on me now because my companion doesn't talk, at all. I have to teach all the lessons by myself, but I am grateful because I have become a more confident missionary. The Lord has heard my many prayers. I will be sharing a few stories that may have a common theme.

Monday: We went to an investigators house who we have been working with for months. As we were teaching she asked a question about baptism and what if people didn't get the opportunity to be baptized. I tried to give her a general answer and tried to move on with the planned lesson. I noticed she was still really concerned with the question. In Preach My Gospel we learn to teach people and not just to give lessons. To do this we are to listen to the investigator with the Spirit. The Spirit prompted me to start talking about the Priesthood. The Spirit and I worked together and we taught a fantastic lesson. Things really made sense to her. I paused and waited to let the Holy Ghost put something into my head. After a very long 30 seconds or so, I began to speak. I had no idea as to what I was going to say but the words flowed out of my mouth like water. "Kathy, will you follow the Savior’s example and be baptized by someone holding the same priesthood and power as John the Baptist and Jesus Christ?” The spirit was so thick in the room, you could almost taste it. After about a minute she said, “Yes I will.” Later, she said a wonderful prayer and as she was praying she said something that caught my ear. She said, “I am grateful for the feeling that I have and I haven’t felt it at any time before.” Following the prayer I asked her about what she had said.  And she said, “Yeah, I have never felt this way until today.” I helped her recognize it was an answer to her prayer because the spirit is a witness of Jesus Christ and a witness of truth. I said, “This is the answer to your prayers and . . . you know it!” She burst into tears and I thought the room was going to explode because the spirit was so strong. Nothing is impossible when we are worthy of having the Holy Ghost as our companion. And when we let the Spirit take over . . .  that is when conversion happens and truth is recognized.

Thursday: We went to a leadership training meeting in Charlotte. That was fun and long. Two men were there from the Missionary Department of Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City. They gave us excellent training on how to be good leaders and better missionaries. We also learned how to invite people to church. After we practiced this for a while (I practiced with one of the men from Salt Lake) we were all sitting listening to President Craven when out of the blue he said,"Elder Gomm . . . will you come up here and invite me to church." I slowly walked up and sat down, just me and the mission president, in front of 70 other missionaries. I said one sentence and then I started talking about the Sacrament and how it was one of the last things the Savior implemented. I said a few more things directed by the Spirit. The room was silent and I invited him to church. Then in tears I testified of how important the Sacrament is to me and that I let nothing stand in my way of partaking of that sacred ordinance. I stood up and walked back to my chair (shaking like a leaf) and the room still silent. President Craven stood up and talked about using the Spirit. He said that he felt the Spirit very strong when I spoke about the Sacrament.

Sunday: Vincent came to church and will be baptized very soon!!!!!! He stood up in front of everyone in Priesthood meeting and said how much he loves the Book of Mormon and being here at church. He mentioned how excited he is to be baptized!!!!! I am so proud of him!!!!! :) He is 20 years old and he and I are like best friends!! Please pray for him.

Those are just a few of many miracles that happened this week! I testify the Holy Ghost is real, and that when we learn to rely and become one with him, nothing is impossible. I may not have much confidence in myself, but I have confidence in the Holy Ghost.

There you go that was a really nice long one!!!! I love it out here and I finally feel like a missionary!

I love ya’ll!!!

Love Elder Gomm

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sure miss you all!!!!

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  1. Elder Gomm, I see you becoming what the Lord always knew you were. Happy Thanksgiving. We are trying to do our part in redeeming the dead. We are image about 8,000 images a week of Civil War Widows Pension records. These are awesome records and we will have to swap tales in about 1 1/2 years from now. Keep doing what you are doing because it's awesome to hear the way you are growing. I remember when I was young I heard a principle that I hold dear to this day. "All truth can be circumscribed around one eternal truth, that Jesus is the Christ". God bless.