Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012

Hey Everyone!!!

I am so overjoyed right now!!! Being a missionary is so awesome!!! I feel like Ammon, my favorite hero from the Book of Mormon, must have felt. He was so overjoyed in the work of bringing souls closer to Christ that his eternal joy exceeded his strength and he fell to the earth. I am almost in tears because I am so happy. The work is still the hardest thing I have ever done in my life but I am just so happy to be out here!

For all of you that are sad or depressed, for any reason, remember to put ALL your trust in the Lord and He will get you through your toughest times. I am telling you this from experience. The prayers of the righteous will bless us. As long as we keep the commandments of God, we shall prosper in the land. Look to the Prophet and your Savior for strength.

My new companion is great! A little quiet but we are having fun. We taught a ton of lessons last week and I have been working him hard, poor guy, but it is worth it. I miss my trainer :( I went through a few days of depression. 

Cool experience of the week: we have been teaching this young man who is really close to getting baptized. I gave his girlfriend a Book of Mormon a few months ago and she has been reading it. She said she can’t put it down and that she wants to be baptized with him!!!!! We haven't even taught her yet!!!!!!! It just strengthens my testimony that the Book of Mormon is true! And, that the Holy Spirit combined with the Book of Mormon is the most powerful converting tool. 

Another great story; Elder Christensen and I have been working with a blind man who has been away from the Church for awhile.  (I mentioned him in my letter last week.)  We have reactivated him. Yesterday he blessed the sacrament. I was in tears!!!!! I can’t wait until the resurrection because then he will be able to see both of us and we will weep together because of all that we have done for each other. I was so sad that Elder Christensen wasn't there to witness it.  It is amazing to take a step back and just watch the spirit work. This work, the Book of Mormon, and the Church is true, in the name of Jesus Christ. amen.

I challenge all of you members to make a profile. Ya’ll can find me on there. (Can you tell I’m sort’a getting an accent?)

I will be writing each and every one of you that are preparing to go on a mission. I am tired of waiting for you to write me. There has been quite the famine of mail lately.

Love ya’ll!!!!!
Write me! Please!

Elder Gomm

Some pictures of Elder Christensen and me  with our friends before he was transferred

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