Monday, September 3, 2012

September 3, 2012

Hello everyone,

Kudzu - Green stuff that grows EVERYWHERE
This week’s update might be a tad shorter. I am running out of time.

This week was awesome!!!!!!  I am way pumped and not as depressed. It is due to all the letters and packages and words of encouragement. I hope you all enjoyed the pictures and videos! I have been working out a bunch! I am not the skinny kid like ya’ll remember. My bike is officially Teancum, (Jason Borne of the Book of Mormon).

This week was great as far as teaching.
Two investigators came to church and found an apartment! Yeah!!!!
Awesome dinner with a family, you would think they are all members!! Best cookout (BBQ) burgers of my life!!!! We then taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ; they are so close to accepting baptism. I used Dad’s mustard seed in this lesson, and told them they need to have faith in Jesus Christ like Peter did to walk on water. I love that family so much. Please write me letters about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. They both work on Sunday.
A sister, who has been less active and hasn’t been to church in 20 years, came to church and loved it!!!!! We are going to get her some scriptures, so if someone could send some scripture markers for her, that would be awesome!

That’s pretty much it.

Things to send me:
- No more food please!!!  Ya’ll have no idea how much junk food we have in the apartment!  Although, I could never have enough cinnamon rolls, ya’ll know that!  This is just for a week or so because I am trying to catch up.
- Ties are money for a missionary; I am kind of poor at the moment.
- CDs; there is no Dessert Book store here. We can listen to anything as long as it helps us feel the Spirit. So, I will let ya’ll use your judgment on that.
- Letters and pictures of course, tell me how ya’ll are doing!

Well, time to go. I bear testimony that we are all missionaries! As a full-time missionary, it is my job, to help the members of the ward do their job.

My challenge for ya’ll, is to call the missionaries and ask them if you can help them or take them to their appointment, ask what you can do to fellowship. Talk to everyone you can about the Restored Gospel. Trust the Lord. He will guide you on what to say.

Love ya’ll,
Elder Gomm

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