Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 17, 2012

Hello everyone,

This one is going be kind of short.  Not much happened this week.  I went on an exchange with the Spanish missionaries. It was so much fun, even if I did only understand half of what was going on. We then had Zone Conference which was awesome!  I got to see many of the missionaries, including my MTC companion, that came out with me! We told our dog stories and stuff about our investigators. The next day Elder Christensen and I got sick. We have been in our beds most of this week only going to our scheduled appointments. We just have no energy. It would be different if we had a car, but our mission president, President Craven, doesn’t want us getting people sick. Sister Craven said that about half the mission is sick.  Please pray for the mission, it is a nasty little virus.

The lessons that we did have were spectacular!  Our investigators are doing great!!! (I have decided to leave the names of our investigators out for privacy reasons. If you want to know what’s going on with everyone ask my mom or write me a private letter.)  We will have 2 or 3 ready for baptism by October. Last night we had 3 of our strongest investigators at church.  We then had an awesome dinner with the Alemn Family.  Brother Alemn has been an answer to my prayers.  He is so excited about missionary work.  He is just is really fun and a good person for the people we are inviting to the fold to be friends with.  Just think of the coolest guy you know, that’s him.  At his house, with his little family, we watched the Restoration DVD with our investigators.  It was cool because we sat back and watched these investigators testifying to one another that they know this is true and that Joseph Smith really was a prophet!  As missionaries we really do nothing because in the end the Spirit of God is the one teaching.  It is truly amazing!!!
How are the commitments going??? Please write me so I can follow up on your progression as a ward.

I love ya’ll!  Sorry there are no pictures this week; I forgot my camera in the apartment. :/ the only picture I was going send was of Elder Christensen standing next to his bike, with his 10th flat tire of his mission.  It’s pretty funny.

Elder Gomm

The Church is true!  Oh and ya’ll can send me food again if you want haha
And tell me about your missionary opportunities.

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