Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20, 2012

Hi, everyone!!!! 

North Carolina is awesome! My mission president is awesome! 

My first area is consistered the ghetto of the whole mission. The black to white ratio is 80/20 ha ha ha!!!! We are on full bikes and man am I saddle sore!!!! For all of you at home think of Stockton or South Sac, its pretty legit. I have been making some videos and taking lots of pictures. There is a church on every corner and everyone attends some type of church. 

My companion is great, a little quiet but a hard worker and great teacher! We have been teaching a bunch of people and we have found so many new people since I have been here. We are teaching a 90-year-old black lady who, in the middle of our restoration lesson, told us about how she saw a UFO in the 90's. We then continued to teach her about prayer and the Book of Mormon. We are reactivating a blind man who lives in the heart of the hood. He told his friend about us and so we are teaching his friend and girlfriend. His friend is an ex-con. There are so many cool stories that I wish I had time enough to tell. We are also teaching a part member family who hasn't been to church in two years and after I taught them the first lesson we challenged them to come to church, and they did! Their family is pretty golden. Well I have to go back to work! Love ya’ll! 

Love, The Elder Gomm 

PS I am going to attach some pictures that ya’ll should enjoy. :D 

Good beans!

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